Episode 9: Lights, Camera, Action!

Jennifer and her catering team have a big online meeting with Sebastian, a popular foreign film director.

1 Lesson

Your next online meeting could be the deciding moment when you win over a new client, impress your boss, or solve a customer service problem.

Alternatively, if you don’t practice good online meeting etiquette, you could lose a client, lose your boss’ confidence, or make a customer unhappy and frustrated.

Online meetings are happening more and more every day. The increase in the use of technology in the workplace is inevitable (and predictable). What can we do? Adapt. You don’t get the luxury of seeing your clients and coworkers face to face as often as in the past (okay, maybe it’s not a luxury). Instead, you have to be able to present yourself and communicate effectively over a Zoom call.

This episode tells a story of how one catering company dropped the ball big-time in an online meeting with a client.

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