Episode 8: Don’t Leave ‘Em Hanging

Tommy is the lead architect on a new building under construction when he receives an angry call from Denzel, the client who ordered the project.

1 Lesson

Have you ever tried to contact customer service and didn’t receive a prompt response, or perhaps never received a response? It’s very frustrating. Without a response (beyond an automated response), you will feel ignored and unimportant.

That’s exactly how your clients feel when they don’t receive a response from you.

You might be actively working on the client’s issue, but that doesn’t matter. If the client is not receiving updates, if they are not being actively updated on the situation, they will assume the problem is not getting fixed.

The most important part of providing a service is pro-active communication, and that’s what this episode is all about.

Click the lesson below to access the episode and watch as Tommy attempts to defuse a tricky situation that could have been easily prevented by pro-actively communicating the status of a problem. Then pass the short quiz to earn 250 points and the Episode 8 badge.