Episode 7: Goldilocks Documentation

Goldie and her team of three bears have some problems with documenting their work.

1 Lesson

What’s the most important part of working with a client? Communication.

If you don’t greet the client, communicate with them about the work, and document the work properly, it will be difficult to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Clients want to be billed accurately.  They also want your company to be able to know the work that was done in the past, so additional work can be done properly.  Documenting your work properly allows everyone to know the work that was planned, the work completed, the time it took to do the work, and what, if any, work there is still left to do or recommended in the future.

In this episode, Goldie and her team of service professionals have a new client. Before they start the job, Goldie encourages everyone to document their work as they go. However, as you will see, some of her team members still need more time to master the art of documentation.

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