Episode 6: Special Delivery

Kelly asks her assistant Cedric to ship a package for her, but Cedric drops the ball (er... package).

1 Lesson

How do you react when something unexpected happens that causes a problem?

Do you react quickly (instinctive habit) with emotional words or hurried actions? Or do you pause and thoughtfully respond (controlled action) to clarify the situation and its urgency?

The difference between a reaction and a response is significant. Reactions often make assumptions based on partial information that leads to negatively judging others and the situation. This leads to hurt relationships and other mistakes.

In contrast, thoughtfully responding to situations is a more productive habit. The process of a healthy response often starts by asking questions to gather additional information, then you consider solutions, and move forward with a positive attitude to strengthen relationships, avoid mistakes, fix processes, and more efficiently solve problems.

This episode shares the story of Kelly, who gives an important package to her assistant Cedric, with instructions to ship it overnight. The next morning, she finds her package still sitting near Cedric’s desk. There could be grave consequences.

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