Episode 5: The Dial

Tammy has an emotionally charged reaction to a terrible customer service call. She quickly runs to her boss Paul's office for help.

1 Lesson

Have you instantly gotten angry or upset, and your emotional response hurt relationships with others or caused unproductive, costly damage? Have you ever had someone get mad at you when they could have discussed their concern with you more calmly and respectfully?

We have a saying, “Whoever gets mad loses.”

Superstars with integrity never let their emotions control them. Instead of reacting emotionally to a challenging situation, they have learned to respond calmly and empathetically. This preserves relationships, which are irreplaceable assets. It takes a balance of wisdom and courage embedded in good habits to avoid or control your emotions.

This episode shares the story of Tammy, a customer service rep who is upset because a customer unfairly attacked her over the phone. She’s struggling to keep it together, so she pays a visit to her boss’ office to get some help.

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